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Hi, my name is Tally. 

Growing up, I wanted to be a teenager, mom, and leader.


Weird combo, right?


Inspired by my dad, I spent my weekends watching him intently build his company. I was allowed to sit in any meeting and pop into any department. I remember wanting to build a business with my family for as long I can remember.

My path here was linear but unexpected. I studied Communications at Boulder, got my law degree from DePaul, and finished executive leadership courses from Harvard. Today I'm the CEO of Bravo, a kick-ass tech company with a big vision. 

Inspired by my mom, I believe in celebrating every accomplishment no matter how big or small. I am most proud of being the biggest cheerleader for my husband, daughter, siblings, and friends. 

My mission

Your life path, the one you’re on right now, is uniquely yours.

My mission is to help young women like you find your own groove. Whether you're just starting out or looking to level up, I want to help you step confidently into your goals and chase those big dreams in an organized way.

I've spent hundreds of hours ​creating content for myself, friends, and my team that I want to give to you for free. The topics range from motivating teams to setting personal goals to cultivating friendships to organizing your day.


Think of this as a journey with no destination. The tools and frameworks you'll find here are your map of how to find joy, fulfillment, and confidence along the way.  

Things that make me happy

Fresh Air Fitness

I love a sweaty gym sesh but most of my hobbies are outside. Skiing, hiking, playing pickleball, and golfing are the current vibe.

Amateur Interior Design

What I love about a house project is that it is creativity manifested into a tangible feeling. My current design aesthetic in three words are cozy, woodsy, and warm.

Organization Hacks

My favorite season growing up was back-to-school and my favorite project is one that requires a million canisters, a to-do list, and a day planner.

Leadership Experience


2013 - Current

May 2019 - Current

January 2010 - Current

Before establishing my career, I jumped at any leadership opportunity. From middle school class president to sorority event planning chair, I have always cherished working collaboratively with others. It fills my cup to the tippy top.

Much of leadership is practiced and honed over time, but if I can learn from textbooks and case studies, sign me up. I've attended two leadership programs at Harvard - Key Executives Program and Owners Presidents Management. Over the past decade, I've attended dozens of personal growth seminars and have engaged regularly in 1:1 life coaching sessions.

The best leaders I know surround themselves with other great leaders. I joined Young President's Organization to join a community with people smarter than me. In 2023, I upped the ante and hired a CEO coach to hold me accountable for my management and leadership goals.

I started working for Bravo as an intern in college with zero expectations that 15 years later it would be my career. I find the most joy in building and motivating teams. I am a results-driven leader and believe deeply that our company's pulse comes from our people.

Start leading today.

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Q3 Day Planner

Each quarter, I create a custom day planner that includes the habits most important to me. Consistency is key.

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